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35. Are we Robots?

Most of us will rush to answer, “NO!”

I have been watching the drama, Humans, on TV. One of the androids says, “I am programmed to feel pain.”

I think, in many ways we have been programmed also by our parents, society, education and upbringing, to behave, respond and react, in ways that often cause us pain.

The reasons might appear valid: for some, karma; for some bad luck; for some, age and the decline in looks and health it represents. Sometimes there is nothing we can do but be patient and endure.

In my personal experience, very often all we need is the determination to let go of people, or resolve situations; change attitudes and find the right cure, remedy or palliative even for physical problems.

Simply, to love and accept ourselves with all our quirks and flaws, can work as the best remedy for most challenges we have to face.

I have spent a lifetime un-programming myself from painful childhood and youth experiences and learning to love myself. I seem to be doing a pretty good job since I do enjoy my life and my circumstances.

I hope freedom of choice, will always allow us to qualify as humans.

34. Best Recipe for Growing Old the Right Way Up

Arthur: “What is the best thing for being sad?”

Merlin: “To learn something.”

From 1967 script for Camelot’s Film by Allan Jay Lerner based on T. H. White’s “The Once and Future King”.

In my opinion and experience, also the best thing for growing old the right way up!

33. The Unfitting Frame of Perfection

06/06/2015  33.

Perfection is unfitting for many reasons

First of all, it can make us feel as we are not fit for purpose; as if there is something wrong with us.

Secondly, Perfection, like all frames, seems to be narrow, square and probably flat while we seem to be full of round bits, irregularities and interesting, individual angles. We are proverbial round pegs, trying to fit the square hole of perfection.

However, Perfection has its uses. It serves us as a compass; it is our Lodestar; it gives us direction in life and keeps us motivated.

I suppose, it all depends on how and when we make use of it. We probably can mould it to fit our needs. I think we have to make sure we keep it safe in a secret cupboard, and we handle it with care when we need it. If we get obsessed with it and try to use it constantly to measure the imperfections within and around us, we might end up damaging the beautiful angles and little flaws and flops that make us individual and special.

So, let’s try not to fit in it. Let’s just look at it, get inspired, aspire and perspire. We might catch a glimpse of the Perfection of the process.