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39. Identity and Identification

I’m back!

39. Identity and Identification

Do bees, ants and termites have identity or is there a mass identification?

My Colombian identity card and passaporte, estate that I’m a female, born the 8 of Feb 1958 (an error I didn’t realize at the time and now I don’t want to risk getting lost in the tangles of burocracy).
My British Passport and Driving Licence agree regarding my gender, but according to them, I was born the 8th of february 1953.
Both wrong. In reality, I was born the 2nd of February 1953.

Do, place of birth, date, age and gender based only on anatomical parts, make me who I am?
Do the place I live, my beliefs, my feelings determine any aspect of my identity?
And, what determines my humanity?

Society and culture have condemned us to the live in the narrow pigeon holes of a few basic markers that help to identify us as unique or different from others. However, during our youth and middle age, we do suffer in our desperate attempts to identify with others in order to be accepted.

I was lucky to be rejected so much and so often, that for many many years, the only acceptance I have needed is my own, and the only thing for which I need my passport is to roam the world. I am blessed with many people around me who seem to like me in spite of my weirdness. Some even seem to love me. I do love them back.

I do hope all those who read me, have found their self-acceptance, approval and much love.