Tips for health and happiness as we grow old

About that stranger that seems to be… me…

I can’t really tell when I was born.

In fact I don’t know if I was ever born. I only know that I am here and now.

And here and now are here and now. They seem to be part of your current reality if you are reading this.

I am now part of your reality and you are part of mine.

But are we? Are we exchanging/sharing realities? Or are you my creation or am I yours?

How did I come to be? When did I come to be? I don’t know.

We have come to believe that space and time are one dimension. But as it happens I come from a place, a dimension if you like, where there is no time. Does it mean that there is no space?

Well… I was, am, in a certain space. I was going to say before, but that is a measure of time. Of course, time started for me when I came here.

I think here, I was actually born. Or so, I’ve been told.

Should I believe it?

It is irrelevant.

This is the story of how I began. When? Perhaps right now but seems to be so long ago…..

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