Tips for health and happiness as we grow old


I am a reservoir of books.
Human limbs and even internal organs, especially the brain, thoughts and feelings, non-human parts such as wings, feathers and mysterious appendixes, fill it to the brim.
Why have they remained inside the reservoir?
Because I created a Dam; a Dam of fear. Fear of being taken over by my characters, my thoughts and my feelings, before having experienced them. Fear of being overwhelmed by a passion that could have consumed the reality of my daily existence or perhaps that would have stopped me from experiencing the dreams of love and passion I have experienced in this amazing life I have lived.
And I have lived with passion. Passion for music, arts, performance. Passion for my husbands, lovers and partners. Passion for my children and their growth. Passion for my pupils and their personal journeys. Passion for life.
Now, I’m ready to knock down the Dam and let the others, -those mysterious beings hidden in notebooks, computers, some still in my brain,- live and have their own life: their own experiences.

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