Tips for health and happiness as we grow old


34. Best Recipe for Growing Old the Right Way Up

Arthur: “What is the best thing for being sad?”

Merlin: “To learn something.”

From 1967 script for Camelot’s Film by Allan Jay Lerner based on T. H. White’s “The Once and Future King”.

In my opinion and experience, also the best thing for growing old the right way up!

29. Purpose…

I reckon I have known my life purpose since I was about seven years old. It is the reason why I am, sing, write, talk…

Most of the time, I feel a bit embarrassed telling people what it is, but there wouldn’t be a purpose for this post if I didn’t mention it. It is, to do my bit, to the best of my abilities, for the welfare of mankind.

However, far too often I find myself questioning and trying to combat my selfishness and my forgetfulness of my life purpose, particularly when I hear of people who have got not only a purpose, but whose actions fit that purpose.

I hope you have discovered or created a purpose for your actions. It is like having a light in the depth of night.

May my writing somehow inspire you or help you in some way… just because that is my purpose.